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Project: 14 Summit Drive

At Industrial Contracting Services Ltd we have just completed a small retaining wall project for one of the local authorities near to our premisses in Derby.

The whole project from start to finish took 8 week which was 4 weeks better than our original expectation of 10 weeks. This was because there was additional works We are pleased to say we finished the project without any snags and our client was happy with the finished job on the final inspection.

As the project was a retaining wall the timeline from award to start on site was relatively short but the fact that the client had already done their own design helped to speed things up at the pre start stage.

The new retaining wall itself was a new system for us at ICS. It was a pre formed block system called Macwall supplied by Maccaferrri – Maccaferri supplied an in-depth structural engineer report and drawings as part of the installation methodology for the product and we found it a very quick and efficient system to install. As always with retaining features like this the key is in getting the ground preparation and concrete base in correctly.

Challenges we had to overcome on the project included:

  • Ensuring we worked within COVID-19 guidelines,
  • Working within a tight work area for loading of materials / excavating footings and concrete backfilling behind the wall resulting in a relatively high level of work being done by hand for this type of project. We were also able to store all of the bulkier materials at our yard in Derby and take them to site on the day of use. We also utilised a very compact, self contained high security welfare unit supplied by Sunbelt Rentals. This welfare unit had capacity for up to 6 operatives  to use but was only 14ft x 8ft so took up very little space on site.
  • Due to the nature of the work and the requirement for a fast mobilisation we had to schedule work based on what work could be done around the various order timelines for some of the materials but because we did not have much machinery on site we had a high degree of flexibility around which work we did on any given day.

We are very pleased that our client is happy with the result and as since offered us more works to price.


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