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Project: Eurobrick P-Clad Brick Slip Cladding & Feature Sign

Eurobrick P-Clad Brick Slip Cladding & Feature Sign For the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre at the Leicester Royal Infirmary

Programme Period : 24 weeks

Completed : March 2021

Client : MTX Contracts


Over the Winter of 2020 and leading into 2021 ICS carried out the Rainscreen Cladding works for MTX Contracts Ltd on a bespoke construction at Leicester University Hospital.

The works generally comprised the installation of a brick slip system including aluminium subframe , aluminium flashings , roof copings and vertical and horizontal firestops to a predominantly modular building in the heart of Leicester on an extremely tight site with limited storage space.

The brick slips, backing boards and fixings were all supplied by Eurobrick Ltd from their P-Clad range and were installed by Industrial Contracting  generally in a horizontal stretcher bond with bands of contrasting bricks fixed vertically as a soldier course to give the building not only a striking elevation but to ensure that it tied in with the existing building , this was achieved successfully and all agreed that the combination of choice of brick slips used, their layout and the colour of the mortar used as well as the neat installation gave a finished building with a high level of visual impact.

In addition to the Brick Slip Cladding Industrial Contracting Services Ltd were tasked with building the Feature Block Sign at the entrance of the building which comprised the supply and installation of the primary structural steel framework that was infilled with SFS and an external board before being clad with the same Eurobrick P-Clad system used on the main building.

Another striking aspect of the Feature Block is the recessed Aluminium Panels that have Aluminium Lettering on them that is illuminated in the dark to provide a truly stunning appearance and one that reflects extremely closely the original architectural intent of the planning drawings. The feature block can be seen on the attached photograph. The setting out and design element of the primary Steelwork was integral to the success of the scheme.

The project was challenging due to the tight site conditions and the undulations of the site but these were overcome with planning and resourcing the scheme effectively with Industrial Contracting Services Ltd working collaboratively with MTX Contracts Ltd and the respective subcontractors.

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